Imagine having all resources and communications accessible at your finger tips, no more filling in paperwork or scheduling calls; iWard is the perfect companion, whether you are a doctor, nurse, carer or anyone that needs to access systems and materials securely within your hospital.


Locate key personnel at any time using the latest iBeacon technologies and send them an instant message or dial them in to help with making key decisions quickly, saving valuable time and resources. iWard can aid Doctors in finding information, accessing resources, patient records and improving communication between all hospital staff.

Key Features

Location based tracking

Locate active doctors/nurses for support immediately, access patient information utilising local iBeacon.


Location based alerts

iBeacon activated alerts


Hospital resourcing

Tracking location of hospital staff

Secure framework

Cuts connection on leaving the permitted area of use.


Instant access

Up to date patient records, appointment management, resource requests (e.g. book x-ray machine)


Communicate instantly

Instant messaging with hospital staff

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